OrganicKrate Sugar - (Raw Sugar) -Organic - 1 Kg
OrganicKrate Sugar - (Raw Sugar) -Organic - 1 Kg
OrganicKrate Sugar - (Raw Sugar) -Organic - 1 Kg

OrganicKrate Khandsari Sugar - (Raw Sugar) -Organic

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●  100% certified organic, Non-GMO khandsari sugar.
●  Made from organically grown sugarcane.
●  Slightly brownish with natural molasses, rich in iron & calcium.
●  Free from harmful synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers.
●  A healthier choice full of minerals and nutrients.
●  Unrefined, raw, natural, and unprocessed.

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Experience the natural sweetness of OrganicKrate Khandsari Sugar, a 100% certified organic and Non-GMO product.Our Khandsari sugar is made from organically grown sugarcane and is free from harmful synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers, ensuring you get the purest form of sugar.

Khandsari sugar is a type of unrefined raw cottage  sugar, in form off white or brown in color in crystalline powder form derived from thickened sugar cane juice. Unlike refined sugars, our Khandsari sugar is neither bleached nor contains harmful chemicals or additives. It retains its natural molasses, giving it a slightly brownish color and making it a rich source of essential nutrients like iron and calcium.

OrganicKrate’s Khandsari sugar is packed with natural minerals and other nutrients, making it a healthier choice than refined, chemically treated sugars. It’s an ideal substitute  for harmful processed sweeteners, allowing you to enjoy your favorite desserts and beverages guilt-free.


The production  process starts with converting sugarcane juice into organic liquid jaggery using ancient techniques that preserve  natural nutrients. Once the liquid jaggery is ready, it undergoes centrifuge process, after which khandsari sugar is recovered . This meticulous process ensures that you receive the highest quality, nutrient-rich sugar.

At OrganicKrate, we are committed to "Pure Food for Pure You." Each pack of our Khandsari sugar is a testament to our dedication to providing healthy and pure organic choices, backed by our certifications as per  India Organic Standards endorsed as Jaivik Bharat as per FSSAI regulations .

Choose OrganicKrate Khandsari Sugar for a healthier, more natural sweetener that supports sustainable farming and rural communities. Enjoy the difference in quality and taste with every spoonful.

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