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What is the scientific evidence that eating organic foods is healthier than eating processed foods?

28.11.22 01:18 PM By SEO DT

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The global market for organic products has grown rapidly in the recent few decades which in turn have raised the land under organic farming by nearly 15%. If you are wondering what these organic foods are and why they are better than conventional foods and why it’s time for you to switch, then you are at the right place. Organic foods are the outcome of organic farming  or natural farming which does not utilize harmful synthetic chemicals/toxins and GMO’s for cultivation, unlike conventional farming methodologies. Organic foods as the name suggests contain essential elements that are good for organisms both human and other living matters in the ecosystem. Various studies were conducted to experiment with the power of organic foods and how they are better than processed foods/ conventional foods and here are some of them consolidated for you.

Studies conducted by the human and environmental health centers of Norway [1] have revealed that products of organic farming contain a moderately higher margin of nutrients compared to conventional products, especially on a very higher side compared to processed foods. Since organic foods are almost free from threatening pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, and other toxic chemicals their products are almost free from any traces of toxic metabolites. Organic produce does not contain heavy metals like cadmium nor carries residues of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and other harmful substances. The idea behind the goodness gained by eating organic food is not a myth but indeed has some support based on several studies conducted. Organic foods are found to have higher macro nutritional value and antioxidant concentrations. In addition to this, organic foods also reduce exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 

An assessment of the improvements in health outcomes of those consuming organic foods was compared with those consuming processed foods and was published in the Nutrients journal by conducting clinical trials and observations [2]. Processed food or canned food also contains preservatives for storage purposes which are not very friendly to the human body and often include unhealthy levels of added sugar, sodium, and fat. Based on the studies conducted noteworthy positive outcomes were found where people with increased organic food intake were associated with a reduced rate of disorders like harmonic imbalance, infertility, birth defects, sensitivity to allergies, eating disorders, constipation, high BMI, and lymphoma. The growing evidence speaks of how organic foods are better than processed food for healthy living.

Several scientific researchers have claimed that the consumption of organic foods shows demonstrable health benefits. Also, there are way too many studies higher than sufficient to prove the ill effects of consuming processed foods. When the facts are clear and the benefits are so real, why still live with it? Switch to the purest that is the best for you; switch to OrganicKrate – “Pure food for pure you”!


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